Jessica Ashe Type 1 Diabetes Survivor, Our Interview with Her


We stumbled upon Jessica’s video’s a few weeks ago and just loved them. They provided a lot of great content for those living with any form of diabetes but especially Type 1. Jessica manages to live a pretty busy life. She manages her type 1 diabetes, raises her son Joshua, and vlogs about it all. She sneaks in an occasional bit of chocolate in there but don’t tell her diabetes that! If you are currently not following her yet on youtube, be sure to scroll to the bottom and click the link to do so.

When were you diagnosed? How long have you had it?

I got diagnosed early September of 2014, a few months after my 30th birthday (Happy Birthday me), so this September marks my 3 year diaversary! Some people may not be proud but for me, I’m congratulating my body on how amazing it truly is and for also making it through another year of diabetes!

Managing Type 1 Diabetes can be a daunting task for many. How did you manage yours while growing up?

As I’m still relatively new to the type 1 diabetes world, I feel I’m learning new things each day but then again, I think regardless of how long you’ve had it, we’re always learning something. I manage my diabetes through insulin and a lot of positivity.

What was the hardest for you and your family regarding the diagnosis?

I think for my family it was that it literally came out of the blue, that and I’m the first type 1 diabetic in my family. Of course all the questions were asked…why me? Why now? For me it was more health wise, as I really didn’t have clue what was going on inside and if my father in-law didn’t spot the signs, I might not be here. Even though I felt fine my body was hours away of shutting down and thinking about that, it was pretty scary.

What do you do on a daily basis to keep healthy?

I eat a balanced diet and like to exercise, whether that’s a workout or a long walk. I’ve always generally looked after myself but after being diagnosed, it’s made me even more conscious to stay healthy.

What is your meal plan like?

I definitely cannot go without having breakfast and this will either consist of a bowl of porridge or granola. Lunch is always a tricky one as I really don’t eat much bread, so I’ll either have something to do with eggs or if in doubt, a salad. Then because we like to eat as a family at dinner time, I’ll cook anything like a stew or something to do with chicken, veg or fish. I always have the odd snack during the day too which will either be a yogurt or a piece of fruit.

How do you feel about the diet you follow for Type 1 Diabetes?

My diet really hasn’t changed that much since being diagnosed if I’m being honest. As a mum of two I always like to set an example when it comes to food so my diet always contains a lot of veg, pulses, fruits, whole grains and protein. I cook all things from scratch and we’ll perhaps get a take out once in a blue moon. I also like treating myself every so often as I believe you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the ‘naughty’ treats in life. Everything in moderation I say!

What is the biggest misunderstanding of Type 1 Diabetes you’ve encountered when telling other people?

I have diabetes because I’ve eaten far too much sugar, that everyone has the same type of diabetes, I’m too skinny to have diabetes or that because I’m in my 30’s, I have type 2. The list goes on….

What is the hardest part of being diabetic?

The hardest thing is getting the balance of things right and KEEPING it successfully right everyday as diabetes is constantly full of unpredictable surprises. You think you’ve cracked it and then you find your blood sugars swing up and down…you then sit there having to work out why it’s happened!

What is the best part?

Seizing the opportunity to be the best I can be. Diabetes has taught me how to persevere using strength and determination, but to also get back on my feet when setbacks occur.

What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed with Diabetes?

Diabetes is not a death sentence and it’s 100% manageable. YOU have control of it. Don’t ever let your diabetes stop you doing the things you love in life. The best part is that you’re never alone, there are a million more people like me in the world. We cope, we overcome and we live.

What is your support system like?

Who supports you? My support system is absolutely fantastic! From my diabetic consultant to my family, they all play a vital part in my life.

Anything you would like to say to inspire and motivate others who have Diabetes? 

Don’t ever let your diabetes define you as a person. Be positive, patient and persistent!

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