The impact of nutrition on psoriasis


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Eating sugar has always been a way of life. Ever since I was a child, eating sugar has been a delicacy for me. My parents only bought healthy meals and snacks, so whenever I got to go to a friend’s house, and they had “special treats”. I always over-indulged.

I’ll never forget finding my first patch of Psoriasis. It was on the back of my neck and shaped like I had been burned with a cigarette lighter. I was in the 7th grade, and the girl who sat behind me in Biology told me that “her dad has a similar thing and he died three years later.” I called my mom immediately, crying. I was terrified. My parents came and took me to the doctor immediately, where I was diagnosed with Ring Worm.

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Fast forward ten years, a new diagnosis/doctor, and enlightenment about the food we eat in America and I think I have it figured out. I decided to take my health into my own hands one day when I was 18. I stopped eating anything with wheat or sugar: no bread, no carbs, absolutely no fast food or soda. I only consumed water, life cereal, and baked plain chicken breast. I was never eating past 7 pm. My bedtime was at 9 pm.

I worked out. I weighed approx. 255 lbs (5’8″ female) at the beginning and six months of eating basically broth and water, I weighed 170, the lowest I had weighed since the 5th grade. My own uncle didn’t even recognize me. Only after I came out of the fog of obsessively crash-dieting did I realize that I had done essentially two things. I had cured my Scoliosis. My back now never hurt, it never needed to be popped, it never needed the necessary massages that I always had.

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It also completely cured my Psoriasis. Only after looking back did I realize that it was completely gone. Where once were the red, sore patches of extra skin cells were now just trace reminders of what was so miserable. Of course, crash dieting never works and starving yourself only hurts in the long run.

I gained all of the weight back when I had my first child. Started indulging in sugar again. My Scoliosis returned. My Psoriasis returned. I found my first patch after gaining all the weight back, and you’d never guess where it sprouted – on the back of my neck.

Did you develop any habits to improve your health? Share to Raise Awareness!