I Refuse to Let Fibromyalgia Win


Would you find it difficult to believe me if I said, that at this very moment as I type this, I am in agonizing pain. Pain so unreal it often leaves me bed-ridden, counting the moments until it passes. My hips relentless spasm as my knees double in size and stiffen. Meanwhile, my neck screams in pain because it feels as if my head is as heavy as the planet and it can no longer support that burden anymore. My shoulders refuse to move, as if they have become stone and my legs just give me one giant, “nope” at the thought of moving them.

Yet here I am, at 30 years old, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (the most severe case) meanwhile still trying to figure out if there is something else attacking my body. Every day is a struggle and a mystery, trying to survive the day while also learning more about what ails me. It ruins me physically daily and robs me of things I use to do on a day-to-day basis.

I use to be a very active mom, involved in my children’s sports and keeping up with them during playtime. Now, I am bound to a wheelchair – trying to encourage myself to get back on my feet once more. Yet everything may appear grim, I still am ready to take this painful journey as it is a journey that includes my family, the loves of my life, and still all the good things that remain in this world. For those reasons, I refuse to let this disease beat me to the point of submission.

I hope everyone can remember the good things in this world and have it be your motivation to continue onward.