I Am a Military Veteran With Schizophrenia


Hello, my name is Bill and I’m here to tell you a bit about my schizophrenia story. It all started as a child, I remember always being very emotional and crying a lot. When my dad left my family, I began to have voices. I was an Rh factor baby so that could have something to do with my schizophrenia.

I dropped out of high school because I was really in the dumps and got my GED. I eventually joined the Navy and served 4 years but I drank a lot of alcohol to keep my symptoms at bay. When I got out of the Navy I had my first real break and went into a lot of episodes of psychosis. I was homeless and just drinking alcohol on the streets. I was experiencing lots of delusional thinking and I was assaulted sexually by another person.

I now receive very good care from the Veterans Administration for I’ve been on the psychiatric ward quite a few times. Now with meds and therapy, I’m somewhat stable. I still have my bad days but don’t we all?

Schizophrenia is a very debilitating disease. I can’t hold a job because I constantly hear people talking about me when I’m working and I begin to cry. So I’m on a disability pension but I’m doing well. Just got to stay positive because my mom always told me that if I can make it to an older age I’ll be more comfortable with my illness. Yes, I believe schizophrenia is an illness for it is. Heart disease is an illness, cancer is an illness and schizophrenia is one, too, for it affects an organ in your brain.

Thank the heavens that we as a society have come to a place where it’s okay to not be okay. We as a society still don’t want to say painful things for it’s difficult to come to terms with trauma, but if we are to advance then we have to face our demons.

I hope all is well with everyone in the world and I hope that each and every one of y’all take care. Peace