Rosacea is a common skin disease and millions of people suffer from it, especially those who are around or above the age of thirty. Rosacea is not a harmful condition but if you notice any type of redness around the cheeks, nose, or forehead a visit to the dermatologist for proper diagnosis is recommended.   The exact cause of rosacea is still unknown. However, people who suffer from Rosacea should avoid smoking, junk food, alcohol, and hot drinks. These are common triggers of rosacea.

There are many cosmetics available to reduce the effects of Rosacea but natural treatment is generally considered a better choice. Moreover, natural remedies are safe and free from many side-effects. Fortunately, there are natural treatments which can dramatically reduce Rosacea symptoms with positive results.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Change

A diet and lifestyle change is essential in the treatment of rosacea. A healthy diet and proper sleep can drastically reduce the severity and frequency of rosacea symptoms. Four to eight glasses of water per day is recommended. Water keeps the body hydrated and removes toxins from the body. This naturally heals the skin and clears it up.

Tea Tree Oil

It is recommended to use Tea tree oil as it kills the bacteria which cause Rosacea. The results of tea tree oil are proved to be positive due to the antibacterial feature in it which instantly kills the bacteria.

Green Tea

Green tea mixture is also a very good natural treatment for Rosacea. There are several creams available made of a green tea mixture. Just apply the cream on the affected area before going to bed for a few months. Green tea extract reduces the redness on the skin and the results from the extract are very good according to surveys.

Sunscreen Protection

An important step in treating rosacea naturally is to take care of the skin in the sun and hot weather. It is highly recommended to use sunscreen on the affected Rosacea areas. Moreover, direct sun rays can be harmful to patients with Rosacea.

Oatmeal and Aloe Vera

Other natural remedies include oatmeal, natural cosmetics, and Aloe Vera. However, it is advisable to get a diagnosis and recommendations from a dermatologist to avoid any issues as rosacea affects everyone differently. A dermatologist can recommend the best treatments for particular skin types.