How to Speak To a Significant Other About Low Testosterone


Low testosterone is a big problem in the men who suffer from it as it causes mood swings and low sex drive. This does not only have an effect on the concerned men, it affects their partners, too. Therefore, if your partner is suffering from low testosterone, there are ways in which the issue can be discussed so that your relationship does not get jeopardized. The first thing you have to do is understand low testosterone yourself.

Low testosterone does not only affect a man’s sex drive, it also affects his mood and energy levels. Men with low testosterone are often easily irritated, depressed and anxious. These behaviors are bound to affect a relationship and if your partner is suffering from low testosterone, you may feel frustrated, unwanted and confused because your sex bond with your partner is waning. How then do you tackle this? You have to talk about it with him for sure. For men with low testosterone, it’s not as if they would not like to have sex, they are usually not able to act upon their desires. Below are a few ways to handle this problem.

  1. Don’t blame yourself

Do not ever think you are the cause of your partner’s low sex drive. Men with low testosterone do not have a psychological problem but physical. Having a low sex drive due to low testosterone is not a reflection of how attractive you are or how strong the relationship is. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

  1. Settle down and address the problem

You both should have a proper discussion and agree on the best option of treatment. There are medications that help solve low testosterone issues as well as foods that help boost testosterone levels. You both should decide on what his diets will consist of and with time the problem will be solved.

  1. Encourage exercise

As soon as you have discovered that the problem is low testosterone, don’t go all hard on your partner about how he has to get himself cured as soon as possible. Encourage him to engage in exercises and with the immense benefits that come with exercises, your partner may get a real boost and will be glad that he has a supportive partner.

  1. Be patient

As much as there are many medications that help to tackle low testosterone, they do not work overnight. There are other efforts that need to be taken and all of these efforts take time to manifest as well. This requires your patience.

However, in some cases, it may be hard for couples to handle low testosterone levels on their own, a couples’ therapy may be of immense help here so as to get over this problem. Some counseling on sex therapy and being able to talk about their sexual challenges in an environment that open and healing can be all that is needed to make things work again. So to discuss this problem with your partner, a lot of patience is needed.