How to Organize Everything When You Have ADHD

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ADHD (attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder) affects hundreds of people every year. It is a psychiatric disorderwith a high prevalence. Some parts of the brain of people having ADHD, lack in certain neurotransmitters-the chemicals released by neurons. As a result, they face difficulties in maintaining their attention on one task for long. They tend to get bored easily and shift their attention. Some people are fidgety while others simply feel distracted. Keeping things in order and performing daily chores can be challenging for them.
To make life easier for such individuals, certain Organization tips are very helpful. Let us take a look at various methods through which these patients can improve their daily efficacy.


• Daily Reminders
It is very necessary to create reminders. It helps people to remember their chores and focus on the given tasks. Reminders also help to create a time limit in which a certain task is to be done. The daily reminders in mobiles or computer can increase the efficiency manifolds. It will organize the life and important daily tasks would not be forgotten.


Online Banking

• Online Banking
The hassle of paying utility bills and remembering their due dates can be solved through online banking. The bill payments can be done conveniently through internet and there will be no excessive paper trash as well
Moreover, the tedious job of writing cheques and depositing them can also be tackled. The entire bank summary is easily available in online banking system. It makes the process easier for those who have ADHD. Because they can do their tasks swiftly and also keep a check on their activities.

• Creating Short Notes
For students or those who work in offices the best way to memorize anything is to create short notes. They increase the learning capacity over short spans. Revision is also super easy if you have created short notes to everything. The same can also be applied to anything that requires memorization.

• Sticky Notes
Sticky notes are damn useful when it comes to remembering things. Use them at home or outside, in your cupboard or refrigerator. They will keep reminding you of things that need to be done or important appointments that you have. After the job is done, remove them and discard them. No extra trash and super easy.


color coding


• Color Coding
One of the best Organization tips is color coding your things or agendas. This particular trick can be applied at various levels. For example, carry things brighter in color so that you cannot lose them. They get noticed easily due to their colors and you might remember them better. Similarly, mark your timetable with different colors to make it easier for you to differentiate things.



• Taking Help from Friends and Family
One of the best supports that people experiencing ADHD can get is through their family or friends. If they enter in joint activities or have someone to remind them their responsibilities, life can be a breeze.



• Sort Out Your Possessions
Clutter at home can drive anyone crazy. While it is a nerve jostling task for an ordinary individual, it appears more challenging for someone with ADHD. The trick is to keep a minimalist lifestyle with regular combing of your possessions. Trashing out the waste or not so useful things once in a while will help. Moreover, take a single area of your home or office at a time to organize it and then move forward. Following these simple tips and tricks will make a major change in the life of those having ADHS.