How to Look and Feel your Best Wherever You Are


If your emotional well-being and personal appearance took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. You may have felt like you didn’t have the bandwidth or motivation to keep up your usual self-care routines. Whether you’ll be staying home for a while longer or you’re ready to venture out on some socially distant adventures, there are simple ways you can give yourself a much-needed boost. Read on for tips about how to look and feel like your best self, no matter where you are.

Food is your friend.

Even if your healthy eating habits took a nosedive while self-isolating, it’s not too late to turn things around. Food can be the greatest ally in your effort to look and feel your best. What you eat doesn’t just affect your waistline — colorful fruits and veggies have been shown to improve your complexion and overall appearance of vitality. Certain foods (such as avocado, carrots, dark berries, and fatty fish) have also been shown to fight depression and improve your mood. By using your diet to ease stress and promote cheerfulness, you’ll look and feel better.

There are other aspects of your diet that greatly affect your well-being. Dehydration can make you feel irritable and will wreak havoc on your skin. Aim to drink eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Better yet, make water your main beverage. If you don’t like the flavor of plain water, try adding lemon or mint or even carbonating it.

Attend to your oral health.

Failing to care for your teeth and gums can lead to major problems down the line, including heart disease, fertility issues, and diabetes. It’s not enough to brush and floss daily—you’ll need to schedule regular cleanings as well. And if you’re dealing with tooth pain or sensitivity, make sure to schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible.

You may be surprised to learn that misaligned teeth can lead to significant health issues. Crooked teeth are harder to clean which can result in plaque buildup and eventually gum disease. Fortunately, with the arrival of clear aligners, braces are no longer necessary to treat this issue. When selecting an aligner, your first decision will be deciding whether you want to receive treatment in your dentist’s office or from home. At-home aligners like AlignerCo and Candid offer convenience and are more affordable, but they won’t be able to treat more complex alignment problems.

Give your space a makeover.

When you haven’t been able to invite people into your home or host a gathering for a long time, it’s easy to neglect the basic upkeep of your home. Many of us are only motivated to clean and create a hospitable environment when people are coming over. If this is the case for you, consider treating yourself and your family as honored guests and making your home warm and inviting — just for yourselves. Clearing away the debris of self-isolation and making your home feel fresh will impact your well-being more than you might realize.

Dress for happiness.

Comfortable clothing is important, but so is a sense of self-expression and pride in your appearance. Clothes have a powerful impact on our emotions and self-perceptions. Get out of your PJs or overworn activewear and put on something cute from SheShock that you would wear to meet up with a friend.

Consider giving your wardrobe an overhaul. Donate any items that make you feel less than your best, and consider buying a few fashionable pieces of clothing. You don’t need an external reason like a vacation or a new job to buy quality clothing. Investing in yourself can have a positive influence on your self-worth and boost feelings of body positivity.

Make yourself feel special.

Remember the giddy feeling of getting ready for a first date or special event? Every detail of your appearance felt important, and the extra effort probably made you feel confident and put together. That special care doesn’t have to be reserved for dates, weddings, job interviews, or photoshoots. You can decide at any time to be mindful of caring for yourself. Chances are you’ll feel fabulous, even if you aren’t going anywhere.

Looking and feeling your best is an ongoing process, and it will be a different journey for everyone. Even when you feel like you don’t have a reason to spruce up your appearance, making the effort can provide a big boost to your well-being. By befriending healthy food, freshening up your space, dressing for happiness, and pampering yourself, you’re paving the way for your best self to re-emerge.