How My RA Affects Me


RA affects every part of your body, it changes the way you used to function. I have really bad RA in my right hand, and this is an issue for me because I am right-handed. I cannot write for long periods or type. I cannot brush my hair properly. I cannot carry certain things, and I drop things all the time.

how my RA affects meI also find it hard to wear certain clothing. I have R.A. really bad in my right leg too, so walking is a challenge. Sometimes, I cannot get up, and I need to be assisted. I am always in pain, especially in my lower back. I have really bad fatigue and have put on weight due to the meds I take.

This disease is 100% life-changing. You are lucky to be able to do a quarter of the things you use to do. It makes you anti-social and takes a toll on your relationships. It affects how I feel as a woman. It is unpleasant, silent, challenging, frustrating, and just generally horrible for me.