How Migraines Ruined My Wedding


May 7th was the day I was looking forward to the most. It was going to be the best wedding of my life as I was rushing around trying to get everything done day after day. Part of me was concerned I wouldn’t be ready for my wedding.

Finally, the night before my wedding came and I went to bed excited, knowing the next day I would be Mrs. Jaime Perciado. The morning came, I had my shower, ate breakfast, laughed and shared stories as I was getting ready to put on my wedding dress.

Then, it hit me. This unbelievable migraine was pounding and pounding, with no regard to what this day meant to me. I started to stress out and began to have an anxiety attack, which then triggered an asthma attack all culminating in my sister calling 911.

I assured my sister I was okay, that I can do this – I can get married today. Frustration and anger were boiling up inside me, along with a throbbing migraine lead me to become so frustrated I canceled my own wedding as I had to go to the hospital.

All the money, time, energy and happiness that I went into planning that wedding had gone to waste. To this day, I wonder how it would have been to my wedding if my migraines hadn’t acted up.

This disease, and that is what migraines are, has given me so much grief and caused me to hate it so much. You never know when it will happen, and it doesn’t seem to care about what kind of plans you had for that day.

My wedding ended up happening in December on Christmas Day. While I loved it and enjoyed it, it wasn’t the wedding I originally wanted. At the least, I did become Mrs. Jaime Perciado.

This is my story about migraines, and how they ruined my wedding.

Source: CureUp