How I Fight My PTSD


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I’ve been struggling with PTSD.

There were a lot of times I wasn’t sure if I should ask for help, but then I did a little research for places where I can go to try and fight my condition.

I became motivated to fight my PTSD when I saw that the behavioral center I attend was holding a workshop with trained therapists. So I signed up. I had heard of the symptoms and spoke with my Doctor and therapist and they diagnosed me with PTSD.

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It took time to get in. But I was eventually notified a couple months later. And went for it. They had me work through the event that stood out most in my reoccurring thoughts and work through it. Allowing me to see that I was not to blame.

Even though reliving the event was hard for me, talking about it with people who understand me really helped. I worked through my negative thoughts and I am feeling better now.

My first PTSD symptoms began occurring shortly after the incident. Not sure how to deal with my thoughts and feelings and not feeling strong inside that anyone would believe me. I began keeping everything inside.

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It became apparent when I realized these thoughts were flashbacks. I began talking to my Doctor. and got help. And they suggested the PTSD group.

I was fortunate to have a good Doctor that referred me to the right place. I am happy I asked for help and I am happy that I am getting the help I need.

My family is happy that I’m getting well and they are very supportive. I am lucky to have them around me and I feel blessed that I can get better.

Were you lucky to get the Help you Needed? Share and Comment to show your Support!