How Can You Prevent COPD?


It is important to remember that “prevention is always better than cure”. Many diseases can be prevented by taking proper care and precautions.

Steps to prevent COPD:

  • Quit smoking tobacco: Cigarettes contain many harmful ingredients and it is better to stop smoking as soon as possible. Removing cigarettes from daily habits does not remove the risk of COPD altogether, but it can improve the chances of avoiding it. Many studies have shown that non-smokers have a longer life expectancy than smokers.
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke: There are many ways to avoid secondhand smoke. A couple ideas include having smokers avoid smoking indoors, avoid public areas where smokers gather and stay out of smoky bars and restaurants.
  • Stay away from pollution: In the modern age, it is impossible to avoid pollution completely. There are measures to take such as wearing a mask or handkerchief in heavily polluted areas.
  • Be aware of family medical history: It is very important to be aware of any family history of COPD. Knowing the risk factors passed down hereditarily can go a long way towards taking preventative measures and improve health.
  • Regular checkups: Regular visits to the doctor may catch any early indicators of developing health problems. A checkup every 6 months is recommended. COPD is a condition which can be prevented or treated in its initial stages.
  • Regular exercise: A regular workout routine is essential to overall health and can prevent many health issues. Breathing exercises and yoga are two of the best ways to prevent the onset of COPD.