How can COPD be Treated?


The medical field has found many ways to rescue a patient from danger in any situation. Similarly, it has also found ways to permanently or temporarily relieve symptoms of COPD.

Here are some ways to treat COPD:

  • Medications: Medication may not give permanent relief to a patient, but it can provide some temporary. These medications come in the form of inhalers. The medication is dispensed by a deep breath through the inhaler, then release of the breath. This helps reduce the inflammation in the lungs. Airflow may then become normal and comfortable for a time.
  • Oxygen mask: This mask can be bought from any pharmacy by prescription from a licensed doctor. This is handy equipment that is very portable. The oxygen mask helps draw get oxygen directly to the nose as the patient may have trouble obtaining it from the surroundings. It filters the air and when we breathe the oxygen goes inside the nose. This is an easy process of getting oxygen.
  • Self-care: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself is a great way to manage COPD. A healthy diet and regular exercise combined with regular checkups and proper medication intake.
  • Machine help: Frequent hospital visits may be required for some and can be expensive. This process has two treatment options:
  1. Noninvasive: A hospital oxygen mask is a great noninvasive measure. Although it is less portable than the pharmaceutical option, it can still provide intense relief.
  2. Invasive: In this method, the patient has tubes put down the windpipe to ease breathing and provide the lungs with enough oxygen.
  • Surgery: Surgery is a permanent treatment for COPD and there are two types. The first method is a bullectomy in which the affected bullae are removed from the lungs to reduce the risk of any further danger. Another option is to reduce the weight of the lungs by removing the affected This not only makes the breathing process easier but also helps prevent the spread of infection.
  • Lung transplant: This is considered a last resort by doctors and is seen in rare cases when doctors cannot give any medication to the patient. When the patient’s lungs can no longer support proper function, a lung transplant may be the only option. Finding a lung donor can be quite difficult, but it is possible.