Home Therapies to Avoid Depression


The word Depression is a very broadly and vaguely used word. When people feel gloomy or sad or stuck and when they randomly Google the symptoms or their feeling, the first word that pops up in their window is depression.

What is depression?

Everyone at some or the other point of time in life may feel sad, gloomy or low. Generally these feelings pass on with time. If these feelings stay for a long period of time and they affect your capacity to think and act, eat and sleep then they need attention.

Clinical depression needs to be catered medically and has to be diagnosed correctly, as there are multiple causes and factors responsible for it. Let’s not get deep into what it is and how can we diagnose it but this article is a breather on things that can be done at home to avoid this dreadful word depression.

Holistic Approach:

A holistic approach is needed to avoid depression. Let’s explore what are the things that can help to make this holistic approach possible.

When I say Holistic, it means that it should aid the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing. For all of these to be balanced we need to choose a lifestyle that balances all this.

depression balanced diet

Food and Mind:

There is a connection between food and mood that is why it is often said that “Good Food leads to Good Mood”. There are some foods which are known to uplift your mood. Let’s have a look at what can be included and why is food so essential.

  1. A balanced diet: A balanced diet is the one which has all the essential nutrients that is carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, and also it should have a balanced intake of water. A healthy and balanced diet leads to overall good health and keeps diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes at bay. It keeps your immune system high and also helps in having optimum energy levels. If your diet is balanced you feel active and your working capacity is better. Many a time’s inability to do the work that you used to do causes a very gloomy feeling. If you are having a balanced diet then the energy levels would be great and that won’t be a cause for gloom.
  2. Vitamin C: One of the most easily available vitamins in lemons, tomatoes, melons; this vitamin is known to have an anti-oxidant effect. The anti-oxidant effect is known to cause reduction in stress and is known to uplift your mood with freshness. This is the reason when after a tiring day if you drink lemon juice you feel recharged and refreshed.
  3. Dark Chocolates: This is one another amazing food which helps you keep depression at bay. Dark chocolates are known to improve your mood thereby avoiding unnecessary thoughts. The mood is enhanced and at the same time the pleasure of eating chocolate also is a pleasant feeling that can keep a bad mood away
  4. Anti-Oxidant rich foods like berries all of them are known to again help you keep in good mood and they act as a repair mechanism of our DNA cells.
  5. Omega 3 and Selenium rich foods: The lack of both of these is known to have linked up with depression. So foods rich in Selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids should be included in diet to avoid depression. They are fish, flax seeds, canola, nuts and mixed seeds, dark green vegetable, beans, legumes, whole grains, seafood.
  6. Vitamin D: Studies show that if people who are diagnosed with depression are found to have significantly low levels of Vitamin D. So don’t forget to take your sun to keep away the depression run.

Social Behaviour and Inter-personal relationships:

I often ask people what is their source of happiness and the reply which I get is a spectrum of good work life, achievements, children, partying, music, goals to name a few. I ten come up with one thought which if anybody learns, depression can never hit you. Do we actually need a source of happiness from outside? Happiness should be a state of mind and it should be from within. Never ever give the key of your happiness to others. IF I achieve a goal I am happy, if my children listen to me I am happy, if I get back in shape I am happy, if I buy good clothes I am happy. A person can be happy irrespective of anything. It is a state of mind which has to be chosen. Just choose to be happy and notice the changes in the energy spectrum around. Nothing and mark my work nothing can give you the happiness which you can create and make it a reality.

There would be times when things and events don’t go as planned, so instead of worrying and getting stressed, no matter what I choose to be happy. You will notice a change in the energy and you will find ways to make things better. That is the energy of choosing to be happy.

There are times when the mind is a roller coaster of thought hammering wherein one though leads to other, always make sure you vent your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I that anything can be solved if you discuss your problem but if you don’t share or express no one will know and realise that you need help.

Balancing your thoughts by making healthy choices for your mind is a wonderful to avoid depression. Journaling, writing off your worries, anxieties fear, saying affirmations and sharing and being vocal are some of the pro tips to keep yourself happy high.

girl yoga for depression

Exercise, Yoga, Meditation and Sleep:

Exercise is a great way to keep yourself not only physically fit but also mentally fit. If you exercise regularly it is known to delay ageing, improve your energy levels, improves your fitness, and helps in releasing endorphins which acts as a great mood boosters throughout the day.

Exercise is known to not only avoid depression and anxiety but it is also used to cure mild to moderate depression as effectively as anti-depressants.

Yoga is a retreat for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It brings balance and peace. The articulated movements and the breathing exercises when done help in achieving a balanced state of mind. Yoga is the ancient age old wisdom which can be incorporated in our daily lives to give us the innate energy of life.

Meditation is again very useful if practised regularly. It helps in De cluttering your mind and helps to bring calmness, peace, tranquillity and balance.

A regulated sleep schedule is very essential as lack of sleep may be one over looked cause for feeling low and have in low energy levels. Sleep and mood are directly proportional so make sure that you have a good sleep routine to keep mood disorders away.

So when thinking of avoiding depression at home always make sure you are working on all the three spheres of life to make things happier easier and joyful.