Here is What to Expect From my Migraines


The first thing to know about Migraines is that they come in 4 stages. Each stage is different for everyone and some people might skip certain stages. There are some sufferers who are able to see their symptoms ahead of time and know that they are about to have one. Others are less fortunate and have no notice of an impending migraine attack. Common symptoms of Migraines include:

-Eye Pain

-Sensitivity to Light and Sound



-Severe pain in the head

Here are the 4 stages of a Migraine.

-Prodrome: Often begins hours or days before the actual Migraine Attack. Only 30-40% of those that get Migraines find themselves at this stage, others skip it entirely.

-Aura: Only experienced by about 25% of migraine sufferers. The biggest symptom of this stage is usually the visual symptoms: blurriness, spots, etc

-Headache: This is often the most painful phase of a Migraine.

-Postdrome: This is the hangover stage. You’re body is exhausted from the fight it just went through and is recovering.