Healing My Eczema


by K. John Lewis

Living with eczema is one of the most terrible skin conditions to live with on a daily basis. Eczema steals a lot from people who suffer from it. It is a disease that mostly affects babies but can be lifelong due to overlapping or developing conditions such as asthma and allergies. I developed eczema in my early adulthood. At this age, I have no information and am so not educated on eczema. I had breakouts of rashes at my buttocks, behind my knees, and the wrist of my hands. My eczema was getting out of control where I had severe itching, burning, and stinging. I have had sleepless nights, up late, due to eczema. I have felt so emotional.

Eczema has affected my life mentally in a way I have thought it will never do. I have become very stressed and sad most days even at night when I can’t even sleep. Medication isn’t helping, even moisturisers, even if I put it on multiple times a day. I was left on my own to heal my eczema.

eczema cream

I am healing my eczema by changing my lifestyle. This includes keeping a journal. This journal has worked for me like magic. I note in my journal what makes my eczema flare-up or worse. I have avoided hash products and replaced them with sensitive and dermatologist-approved products. By doing this, it helps make the situation better. The products are less effective because it will take longer for people like me who have severe flare-ups.

I have done the elimination diet, it has helped tremendously. Doing the elimination diet doesn’t mean you can’t eat those foods again. It simply indicates a food allergy or you may have to stay away from it because it makes the eczema worse. It works better than other doctor tests. Don’t give up your skin, give it time to heal. That’s what I did and got my eczema under control. I do have flare-ups and breakouts but it’s in a state where I can get peace of mind.

Supplements have a great part in healing eczema. This includes vitamin D3, magnesium, and probiotics. But before taking supplements it’s best to detox first. This makes the supplements work at its best.