Healing Happens!


Do you think that Eczema is Curable? Share your story with us to Increase Awareness!

I have shared in my previous story about my journey to eczema. I’ve been dealing with it for quite a long time. Glad to say that I’m on a healing process now. Upon trying so many products and medicines that didn’t work. I have discovered a website that would change my perspective about eczema. I always thought it’s a disease that gets worse when you eat certain foods that may trigger them. I’ve been so careful with the food I eat, but it just doesn’t work at all.

One time, while I was browsing my Facebook, there was this group which is about eczema support. I decided to join the group, and in less than a minute my request was approved. It was a relief being part of a group that understands how I feel and also shares the same sentiments I have. While I was looking at each post on that group, there’s this person who shared a link about a mom who was suffering because of her son’s eczema. Her son was just a baby, and he started to have them on his body months after he was born.

The mom shared how they dealt with it. They also did what normal people with eczema do, but it worsened her son’s condition. They tried both steroid medicines and creams on her son and his skin just got worse. The child was admitted to the hospital several times, and his body started to deteriorate. It was a pitiful memory for a mom who just gave birth to her wonderful son. The mom took pictures of her child’s condition and documented each process from time to time.

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She noticed that the scenario repeats whenever they inject medicines on him. She didn’t know what pushed her to stop all her son’s medication for a while. After stopping them, her son suddenly got worse again. Then one night, while she was surfing the net for some tips, she found a site that would change her son’s life. The website contains all the people who were suffering from the same condition, and she found out her son’s disease was because of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).

There she saw a lot of people who were in the process of TSW. Some have been on it for a long time, and some were just starting to withdraw from it. This mom suddenly had hope that the idea would work on her son and without second thoughts, she tried what these people did. Amazingly, she saw great results after a few months of trying it.

Because of what I saw and read about the article, I personally checked the website and found out about the condition these people are dealing with. I was so shocked to see that there are more people who are experiencing worse than I had ever experienced when I had this skin condition. They were in the process of withdrawing from all the creams and medicines they have been taking for years. Some have even taken them for more than thirty years.

They all said the same thing about TSW. It’s never easy at first when you decide to stop your medications. According to them, once you decide to do TSW, you may experience the worst flare up on your skin, but it will improve as time goes by. So, I was afraid to try it since I already got used to my medicines and I also have regular appointments with my dermatologist. But there was really something in me that has pushed me to try TSW.

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At that time, I was scheduled for an appointment with my doctor. I was so hesitant to go there at first, but since my whole body was swollen, I decided to push through the checkup. The doctor just did the same thing and told me to take my medicines. I was so bothered with what I read online the other night. I kept thinking about it to the point I decided not to take my steroids, but just the antibiotics since my skin were swollen. It was a hard decision because I wasn’t sure about what I was doing. I don’t know if it will work on me. I was just trying to take the risk since I was so desperate at that time.

I even took photos of myself while I was in the first month of TSW. It was true that I had the worst flare up during the first three months. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. I just kept going and decided to trust the process. Surprisingly, healing happens! I noticed great results during the fourth month of not taking anything or putting any cream. I am not yet fully healed. I still have the marks, and I still itch, but I can see the recovery. I am on my fifth month of TSW, and I can now eat the food I stopped eating before due to my allergies.

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I’m on my way to complete healing, and I know I’ll get there soon. I may still not have the confidence to wear what I like right now, but I know someday I can travel anywhere and wear anything without being conscious with my skin. You just have to keep on trying and don’t lose hope. Healing is possible when you believe that it exists.

Do you think that Eczema is Curable? Share your story with us to Increase Awareness!