Having Migraines is Very Lonely


I was diagnosed with migraines and aura of migraines 11 months ago. I was in a car accident and my brain injury was compared to shaken baby syndrome and it has been the hardest thing for me to go through. Brain injuries can’t be seen so no one believes you. You have a smidge of a good day and joke around and have some fun and they think you’re healed. It’s lonely. Very, very lonely.

migraine aura

I have been seeing an upper cervical chiropractor for about four months now and I have had small changes in my migraines. My mother did some research and found light therapy (in Light Medical) and that has been a big help along with weekly visits to the upper cervical chiropractor.

I feel like layers are being peeled away. Small amounts but I feel it. There’s hope out there you just have to keep fighting for your healing. Every story is different and some will take longer than others but there is hope I know it.