Groundhog Day of Pain leads to a Pill a Day


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Never did I think there would come a time when my life would be like the movie Groundhogs Day. But yet here I am at the conclusion so let’s start at the beginning.

Shortly after I graduated college and got married I started to get migraines they would be bothersome but not overbearing. They would happen here and there and I could function by making small adjustments.

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Then when we moved to Maryland I did notice the stress of moving and the unknown did begin to start an increase in migraines. I just brushed it off since they subsided after again making some minor changes and the stress of everything eased.

Slightly fast forward about 3 years down the line since I did have a timeframe when I did not get any at all. I now am working where I am 1-2 hour commute to work and now they are becoming more frequent again. I just could not afford to miss any work or any doctors visits. During these years which were about 3, I definitely noticed the pain was weighing my spirit down but I just continued to press on. Though I should have just waved a flag and reached out to a doctor to avoid where I am now.

Fast forward to summer of 2017 when I had a migraine for 12 days straight and at this point is where I said enough was enough. So I went to the doctor and was put on a migraine medication. I was desperately wishing this would make me feel better but it made me feel so depressed. Never in my life have I felt like I was in a snow globe watching everything around me. I just was miserable and the things that would usually bring me joy brought me no joy at all. However; during this time I began writing again which I guess could have been the only light shown during this time.

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About a month and a half later I went to the doctor and spoke up about how the medicine made me feel. Never did I think I would be at this point. Sometimes I blame myself because I often wonder if I spoke up sooner if I would be in this situation. But I guess I will never know and I will just have to take this journey in stride.

How do you feel when you have a Migraine? Show your support by Sharing and Commenting!