Getting Endometriosis Under Control


Hormonal Contraception can help with Reducing Pain. Share and Comment to show your Support! 

My story started when I was just eleven years old. My period began and I noticed I had EXTREME pain, unlike normal cramps other girls my age had, on my left side and some very awful bloating. I was told that this was normal, and this was very far from normal!

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I ended up dealing with the pain and having nobody believe me until finally, someone did! I had a new doctor and I told her my symptoms. She knew that endometriosis was more than likely the cause, so she put me on a birth control pill. I was on this with no other help for about 5 years until I turned 16.

At 16 years old, I finally had a laparoscopy which diagnosed the endometriosis inside of me. I finally had an answer which has allowed me to make decisions to deal with the pain I am in on a daily basis. Two years after this surgery I decided to try the implant for birth control and it has completely stopped my periods and the pain is very minimal now! Thank goodness! I am currently 19 and have been doing really well managing this disease.

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There are 1 in 10 women affected by this horrid disease, and for most, there is no real help for their pain. There is also no cure. As it is March and Endometriosis awareness month I thought I should share my story and awareness for this little known and understood disease! Thank you for reading!


Hormonal Contraception can help with Reducing Pain. Share and Comment to show your Support!