Red veins on your nose, on a friendly note, don’t look attractive. They actually make your face look more reddish and for women, it’s a problem because they have to blend these red veins before starting to wear makeup. These red lines are actually the veins which carry blood back to your heart. But some veins are impaired and due to that the blood inside them doesn’t get back to heart and remain there on your nose or cheek and are responsible for the red lines on your face. No doubt, blood flows in these impaired veins but in significantly slow rate.

Well, there are some simple but effective healthy lifestyle tips that can help you to hide and remove them permanently. So, let’s get started with the first tip!

  • Use sunblock lotions to block the UV rays that make those red lines more prominent. Sun rays actually wear down the skin of your nose and cheeks and make veins more visible. So, in order to prevent them grow more, you can use hat and eyeglasses to protect yourself against the sun. Moreover, sunscreen (sunblock) lotions are also the best option to stop UV rays of sun.
  • Vitamin K and Vitamin C are the best elements that are the only natural cure of these red veins. As discussed earlier, these red veins are actually there because of very slow flow of blood in those impaired veins. Blood usually gets clotted and make those red lines visible. So, vitamin K is known best for cure of blood clotting and vitamin C is known best for being so effective in strengthening the blood vessels. Vitamin K can easily be obtained from cereals, cauliflower, soybeans, and leafy greens. While the vitamin C is contained in the entire family of oranges, peaches, and strawberries.
  • Your dermatologist and take his consultancy before using any product or remedy.
  • You must stop steroids if you’re using any. These steroids can cause some serious diseases like acne rosacea and the results of which are dangerous. Moreover, this disease can also be triggered by smokingdrinking alcohol, and taking caffeine. All of the mentioned items are the main triggers of rosacea.

These are the five simple tips that you can follow to hide, control and eventually remove your red veins from nose and cheeks. These red veins are also known commonly as spider veins because it looks like a web of red lines which are actually the impaired red veins carrying clotted blood.