I Developed Gastro Problems After My Trauma


How did your Gastro problems begin? Share the Story to Raise Awareness!

Growing up and as a young child, I was a little heavier. I endured mental and physical abuse whether it was from other children or from my family which was horrible.

I developed into a beautiful swan after attending beauty school for a year and a half. Then one day I was abducted and well you probably know the rest, thank God I made it out alive.

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So, for me, this is when my gastrointestinal problem started. I became bulimic. To block the trauma, I would eat and force it up, also thinking about how I was treated a young child growing up.

As a lady I didn’t want to look back on my past, so throwing up my food made me feel good. This went on for one whole year, 2 to 3 days a week.

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Eventually, I ended up in the hospital for treatment with IBS, which only lead to my 27 years of dealing with acid reflux. This affected my, on and off pancreatitis, inflammatory stomach and pancreas that has to be treated.

I also have had Hpylori twice that started the whole thing, the bad bacteria in the gut feeds off the buildup of acid that flows upward to my throat when it should be flowing downward.

I know as you age well into your 70 and 80 the stomach produces less acid. I really need this group for support, and yes I am 50 plus years old.

How did your Gastro problems begin? Share the Story to Raise Awareness!