Gadgets for Crohn’s Disease


Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which causes inflammation of the entire lining of the digestive system, from the mouth to the intestine. However, this disease generally appears in the small intestine, precisely in the ileum and large intestine (colon). This condition can be painful, make the body feel weak, and sometimes it can cause life-threatening complications.

This disease is really annoying because you always worry when you want to travel because you will definitely go to the bathroom more often to defecate. As long as you can find toilets, you can poop whenever you want. However, you also need to provide some items that are important enough to overcome Crohn’s disease problem. If you suffer from this disease, you may need to prepare several gadgets for Crohn’s disease that you must always carry wherever you go.

Bathroom Request Card

When you go to several public places or public facilities such as malls, airports, hospitals, while you are suffering from Crohn disease, you may need a bathroom request card that you can get from this doctor. This card or letter is useful when you want to go to the bathroom but there are lots of people waiting in line. You can show the card to their people so they will put you first. You can get a card by CLICKING HERE

Tissue or Toilet Paper

Another gadget that you need to bring when you suffer from Crohn’s disease is a toilet paper or tissue. You can bring a small tissue box that you can put in a bag so you can take it when you need it. You really need a tissue when you suffer from Crohn’s disease because you will go to the toilet more often. This is also the most important gadget if you like to travel to public places even if you suffer from digestive problems.

crohn's disease wet wipes

Wet Wipes

If you want to clean your buttocks with alcohol to avoid germs because you often defecate, then you might need wet wipes. You are recommended to use baby wipes and try to avoid scented wipes because it can irritate your buttocks skin. Do not also use wet wipes for removing makeup. You can bring small wet wipes that you can keep in a bag. If you already have toilet paper, you might not need to use wet wipes too often.

A small mirror

If you like dressing up, you will definitely prepare a small mirror. This is very meaningful for someone who is suffering from Crohn’s disease where you can use this small mirror to see the condition of your butt just in case you feel the pain around him. You can use this when you are in the bathroom and make sure no one sees you.

mini small mirror crohn's disease

Hand Sanitizer

When you suffer from Crohn’s disease, you will often touch the area of ​​your buttocks skin when you clean it after defecation. Certainly, your hands contain lots of bacteria so you also need a hand sanitizer. You can use hand sanitizer after cleaning your buttocks. You can bring a small hand sanitizer that you can carry wherever you go. Make sure the hand sanitizer can kill all types of germs and viruses.

Odor Neutralizer

After you defecate, the bathroom may smell like shit so that it irritates others, especially if you are in a public toilet. Therefore, you must make the air fresh again by always bringing an odor neutralizer or air freshener. When you are pooping or after you poop, you can spray the odor neutralize in the room so the room becomes fragrant and fresh. You also don’t feel ashamed when you are in a public toilet where there are many people using the bathroom.

Skin ointment

Skin ointments may also be important for you to take and put them in a bag if you have Crohn’s disease. Some people experience skin irritation on the buttocks so they need a topical medication after they defecate. You should choose a skin ointment that suits the condition of your buttocks skin. You can consult your doctor and ask for advice on using skin ointments. You can apply skin ointment to your buttocks skin to reduce pain and cure inflammation.

crohn's disease ointment skin irritation


Because you often defecate, your butt skin will become moist. You can dry it with a tissue and then sprinkle the powder on your buttocks skin. This will make your butt skin become colder and not itchy. If you feel sore after defecating, you can replace the skin ointment with powder. You can bring small baby powder so you can carry it easily.


Underwear is also an important gadget that you must prepare because you have to replace it every time you defecate. This is just an option so you can still feel comfortable. If you don’t change your underwear, you will feel uncomfortable and sometimes your underwear will also smell. Always prepare fresh underwear in your bag if you suffer from Crohn’s disease.


Gloves may be important for those of you who feel disgusted with your own feces. You can use gloves when you clean your butt. However, you must dispose of the gloves after use. This is also important if you want your hands to always be sterile. However, gloves are only an option whether you want to use it or not.

crohn's disaease gloves

In summary, Crohn’s disease is an intestinal disease that is quite disturbing. People with Crohn’s disease usually will often go to the toilet to defecate. They always feel pain in the stomach and feel like pooping. Some of the gadgets above you should carry when you travel or go to public places. You also make sure that you know the location of the bathroom in such a place. Use those gadgets whenever you need them. All in all, those gadgets will make you feel more comfortable after you poop. In fact, there are many other gadgets that you probably can buy. It all depends on your needs. You can prepare anything that you think is so important.