Five Foods To Eat With Crohn’s Disease


With the modernization of food industries and the increasing demand for junk and fast food, we unknowingly are heading towards an era that would entirely be flooded with different ailments. Regardless of what impact food exerts on the digestive system, we pack ourselves with unhealthy food products. Approximately 1.3% of the US population is suffering from IBD that includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. There is a strong association of Crohn’s disease with unhealthy gut. So, if you are also suffering from CD and are worried about what to eat, here are five best foods you should include in your diet.

Fresh Fruits

All of us are quite well aware about the role of fruits in a balanced and nutrient rich diet. As the goal here is to eat healthy so when your gut is healthy, your body is happy, and you are less vulnerable to the flare ups. Fruits contain multivitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients to help combat this. So, make sure to add your favorite fruits in your grocery list.


When it comes to yogurt, it serves key role in maintaining a healthy gut as it contains probiotics which promote the gut health. Apart from being gut protective, yogurt is very nutritious. So, add yogurt in your daily diet but make sure to use sugar free.

corhns disease yogurt diet


Oatmeal is a fiber rich diet. There are theories that oatmeal worsens the IBD symptoms, but its not true in every case. Oatmeal contains an appropriate amount of soluble fiber, which is best in case of Crohn’s disease as it adds bulk to the stool. Infact it would not be wrong to call oatmeal as comfort food for the ones suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Vegetable Soup

I would rather call it a myth which some people strongly believe that if they eat vegetables or take veg soups, they might end up in trouble. Peeps, it’s not true. Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients which is the basic demand of gut. Let’s keep it simple, if you are dealing with CD, you must adopt veggies, either boiled or in the form of soup.


We must not forget that eggs are the cheapest source of proteins and these dudes contain a very healthy amount of nutrients which the body needs, also these are easily digestible. You can take it in any form, scrambled, hard boiled, poached whatever you like.


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