Everything was Fine, till I Received this Call


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You carry your child for 9 months, wait until the first time you get to hold him/her, you get impatient once you find out that you are pregnant, and you get surprised that you will bring a bundle of joy into this world without thinking that anything can go wrong. You take risks on what activities you can do when you are pregnant because you don’t want to hurt your baby. After all, it’s the best thing that you can wish for.

Nine months are already up and you are holding your child for the first time, just in love with what you have created, then they take your child away to do the necessary hospital tests because they know you’re in pain from giving birth. They return with your baby and you never want to let her go again, which is how I felt.

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Everything was fine until a month after my child was born and I got a phone call saying she needs more tests to be done. At first, I thought my daughter has something wrong with her because the nurse who called never told me what the test came back positive for. We went to the children’s hospital, checked in, and they were so kind and served us breakfast and beverage to drink before we went back. Me and my daughter were actually visiting the doctor. Visits to the doctor’s office always make me think something is wrong. They told me in a 30 minutes interview what sickle cell was, how my child got it and told me what tests my kid needs. Four doctors and nurses came in to make sure I knew what was going on and that there was nothing I can do besides getting her tested. The test came back a few days before her first Christmas and I found out that she is a carrier of sickle cell.

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The doctor told me that if I want grandkids, I have to tell my daughter’s boyfriend/husband to get tested before they have sex, to make sure he doesn’t have sickle cell or is a carrier of it. The doctor told me if he does, there is a 75% chance that the child could have sickle cell or be the carrier which hurts their future further down the line. I was greatly upset because my ex-boyfriend didn’t tell me, he already knew.

Be careful what you are getting into, you and your future kids because bad things can happen. The doctor told me to give my daughter condoms at 12 so she can practice safe sex and I’m highly against that.

Do you have a child who is a sickle cell carrier? Comment to show your support!