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I’m Fighting Fibromyalgia With a New Diet


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Saturday morning, so much to do!…. but, guess what?; an intense pain on my feet, elbows, and right hip woke up at 8 am. I know, I know… I would have to spend another day thinking about my chores while laying in bed controlled by pain.

When I say uncontrolled pain I mean that 150MG of Lyrica, 50 MG of Savella and 50 MG of Tramadol are not working at all. This week I have had 3 flares!, 3 days of my life added to the list of losses due to Fibro.

I have so many dreams and goals!! I’ve incorporated my own company to do what I love the most… helping people, serving for the good of the nation. I did mention that I’m a Civil Engineer and worked 9 years in FEMA, right? Oh yeah, that was the job of my dreams, the job that I loved to pieces…. added to the list of losses as well.

Believe me, I do my best to stay positive…but it just gets more and more intolerable. Did I explain the pain on my feet? So it’s so bad that I can’t rest them on anything! burning type of pain… and the pain on my elbows is just the worst thing, I suffer by just grabbing a cup of tea. I have a hard time just doing the basics, imagine having an intense working day! I just don’t think is possible anymore.

On my search for alternatives to get better, I’m currently on a new nutritional regimen (diet). Basically a vegan type of diet… No coffee, no sugar, no meat, no rice, no bread…I substituted the coffee with ginger tea and a fruit shake for breakfast, fruits or almonds for snacks and for lunch and dinner I’m having vegetables and starchy tropical root like potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

Today is my day # 12 and I haven’t seen much improvement with the pain and all. I will continue to see if food is a factor, so wait for my next article for details.

Remember, just keep swimming and wait for the pain-free day to come!

Do you think that Fibromyalgia is related to the persons’ weight? Can losing weight help with the Fibromyalgia symptoms?

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