My Fibro Life – Do you have a Relief Spot?


Do you have a relief spot? Where? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

Hello again!

I just love to write my stories, THANK YOU FOR READING!!

This “blog” has been a great help! it’s just an amazing feeling to share your everyday life, just by putting it all in sentences, it’s an automatic relief. So, today has been a very painful day. I have taken all my meds and… still in pain my hands are so trembling that I have to force them to be able to write.

No… is no fun… I can assure you that, if you don’t suffer fibromyalgia you can’t really understand. One of the rheumatologists that treated me said, “you can’t let fibro get in your head, you have to ignore it”. I really want to go back and ask him HOW?

I have been fighting this chronic condition for 4 long years and I can’t think of a way of ignoring it. When the pain is so bad it will wake you at night. Is so bad, I roll over to get out of bed without using my elbows that hurt so much! HOW? Can you get over this? Well, there is no way; NEVERTHELESS, there are a few technics that have worked for me. Keeping your stress levels down works… having a spot in your house to just breath, think and find relief, works… using the power of your mind works. How?… let me tell you what has worked for me….

  2. Plan ahead. Life is a journey, sickness can slow you down, even take you off track, but, trust me, you can get used to the pain and just, plan your next step.
  3. What would you like to study? What is your passion? use the power and energy within to identify what moves you. There are so many options online that, we don’t have an excuse.
  4. Make decisions. By suffering a chronic condition, you learn that life can be short….so, dare to make decisions, movements, changes that will help you cope.
  5. Look around, do you see future, do you see people that push you frontward? Umm… the people around you are so important! Be very careful of who you share your life with.
  6. Embrace the positive thinking. I recommend a great book I’m reading, by Joel Osteen, “ The Power of I AM”

I hope these suggestions help you as they do good for me.

My backyard is my relief spot. Just look to heaven and now that, everything will be alright. Just keep swimming and wait for the pain-free day, ‘cause is coming…

Do you have a relief spot? Where? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.