Famous People Who Have Migraines


Migraines are a very painful headache and they affect more than 36 million Americans. Despite that, not everyone has been diagnosed, it is estimated that more than 10% of the American population suffers from migraines.

Here are 9 famous people who have migraines:

#1: Serena Williams

Serena already knew that she suffered from migraines. But she never realized that it could be related to her menstrual cycle. And one day she was sure about it. Just as a side note, almost 60% of women with migraines say that they are worse during their periods.

#2: Ben Affleck

Despite the fact that men are least affected by migraines (only about 6% of men), Ben Affleck is a part of that statistic. Back in 2006, Ben hardly slept. So, he went to the hospital because of a severe migraine. After leaving the hospital, he started to create a routine with sleeping time, including during the weekends.

#3: Lisa Kudrow

For Lisa, migraines run in the family and she soon realized that she had it too. After a joyful day full of fun and adventure, her migraines were worse than ever. So, she now tries to control what she eats.

#4: Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross, a famous actress that played Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives(a TV Show), also struggles with migraines. Marcia is usually most affected in terms of feeling nauseous and she also gets her vision affected. In order to help her, she takes triptans, a medication, which she also represents as a spokeswoman.

#5: Janet Jackson

Back in 2008, Janet Jackson canceled some concerts after suffering a vestibular migraine. This kind of migraine usually gives you vertigo, you tend to feel dizzy, and both the loud sounds and bright lights bother you.

#6: Kristin Chenoweth

After winning an Emmy in 2009, Kristin needed to consult her doctor because of her headaches. At the time, the doctor prescribed her Botox and she went through. Since she applied Botox, she never had a full-blown headache.

#7: Carly Simon

Carly Simon, a Grammy winner says that she doesn’t have time for migraines. So, she decided to completely change her lifestyle and routines. She doesn’t drink coffee, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, especially red wine, and she sleeps eight hours a day.

#8: Cindy McCain

The wife of the 2008 John McCain’s presidential candidate, Cindy says that her migraines started during that period. All those bright lights from the cameras and with the extra stress of having a husband run for president, triggered her migraines.

#9: Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman, a famous quarterback, started to suffer from migraines when he was still a boy. However, he needs to travel a lot which prevent him from a good night sleep. And at this time, his migraines continue to be a problem in his life

SOURCE: http://blog.themigrainereliefcenter.com/celebrity-migraine-sufferers