My Family is the Reason I Got Depressed, but Music Helped Me


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For many years my family lived in a very contentious home.

Parents always fighting, kids yelling at each other, and even large amount of screaming to kids from parents. Although our house was very stressful we loved each other very much and we were still somehow happy.

The day things got bad is when my parents filed for divorce. My dad decided to be anti-Mormon (which is my mom’s religion and mine also) and tried using religion as a way to get back at my mom for what she did.

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This put a huge wedge between my family and my bond with my parents. We were no longer living but fighting for our lives. Things got even worse later one, my siblings started failing school, my dad became more aggressive, and the only things I had left in my life were slowly being taken away from me.

Our whole family became depressed, and because I was the oldest and was blamed responsible for my sibling’s actions fell into the worst depression. I remember crying myself to sleep as a way to comfort me and all the times I went out by myself because I couldn’t bear being with my family any longer.

One day I decided I had enough and was going to take my life when I heard “Stronger” by Mandisa. She gave me hope and not only a hope to get me on my feet but hope that I could save my entire family.

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Even though there was a fight every day to keep going and still is, I realised the values to my life. I started to become obsessed with her music and just let the Lord fill my life. I know it sounds cheesy and typical but it’s so true.

Because of what I decided that day I heard her song, my family has been forever grateful for the courage I had to rise and fight.

Never lose hope and always keep fighting.

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