My Family and Country Failed Me


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There was a female that was born in New York in the late 1970’s. Before She was born, only God knows what that unborn baby mother has been through in life. Then when I was born, I came into a lot of disgraceful things in life. Being molested by my grandmother’s husband. My grandmother worked as a social worker and also worked for child protective service in America.

My grandmother’s husband had been molesting people in the family even before I was born. Both my grandmother and her husband were born in a country called Belize. When I had my own child, I left my baby with my aunt, and then my aunt left my baby with him. When I came, his mouth was on my daughter’s private parts. When I tried to pull my child away from him, he was grabbing me. When I called the cops, he said he was going to murder me.

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When I told my grandmother about it, she didn’t care at all and told me that whether he did that or not he will always be here and he has. The law did nothing to help. My daughter was almost kidnapped after reporting him. I started getting strange phone calls about where I was at by a voice it sounded like I knew. I lost my section 8 apartment and went into the homeless shelter for 14 years and still got no apartment. The voucher was denied by multiple building owners. No one helped me.

I was hit by a car after reporting him, and I can barely walk right now. I am currently living with my mother, and that child molester lives right next door with my grandmother. If I was rich and had money to leave I would never see them ever again for the rest of my life. I witnessed my daughter being abused by that child molester and it has taken every breath in me not to hurt him.

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My government has failed me. The order of protection I once had did nothing to help me to gain a new place to live. My born American country only works for unborn American, and it is sad because my grandmother said my country would never help me, and she will make sure of that.

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