Every Day is a Struggle with Anxiety


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wake up scared and freighted about little things in my life. Sometimes before tests, I can’t sleep at all, and I just lay awake panicking. I sometimes get anxiety about going to certain places as well. I also have so many fears about showering alone now, even though I’m an adult and that is something you need to do in life.


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It’s really discouraging to think I need someone else to shower with me to feel safe and not anxious. I saw a therapist when I was in high school and they diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. I used to pass out randomly and there were tests done on my brain, heart, and a few other areas but nothing came back showing any signs of something wrong.

The doctors said it was probably just from stress and anxiety. My therapist said that anxiety was taking over my thoughts and I needed to find some ways to get through it. My family responded very well to my diagnosis and I am so appreciative of their support. I can call my mom and talk to her and she knows how to calm me down whenever I’m feeling anxious.

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I am motivated every day to become more independent and less anxious about little things. I work very hard to keep myself busy and strong in times of stressful events. This helps me feel less scared and anxious.

What words do you need to remember on your bad days? Share to show your Support!