Endometriosis: More Than Just Physical Pain


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Endometriosis is much more than just a bad period. All too often, women with this disease are ridiculed by doctors and nurses misconstruing our pain and comparing it to cramps. When I was first diagnosed, my doctor told me it would affect my period and fertility but not that it was possible for me to be in constant pain or for me to swell 10 inches within an hour.

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When the swelling began, I thought I was crazy. No one believed that I had to change my clothes multiple times a day to adjust to the swelling. Nobody told me anything to help me understand this disease.

Endometriosis has taken my life. My constant pain meant that I had to leave my job. I spend most days in bed with a heating pad and the doctors get mad because I would rather burn myself with the heating pad than deal with the pain without it.

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When I was 23, I had to accept that I would never have a child. One of the worst things now is that I want to take care of my dying mother. How can I take care of her when I barely have the energy to take care of myself? I am trying to stay positive and make it through all of the hard times.

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to show your Support!