Endometriosis is an Uphill Battle


Do you suffer from Endometriosis? Share your thoughts to Raise Awareness!

I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis about a year ago. I went to the Doctor because I had been dealing with incredible pains that I couldn’t find the cause for. I left work to go to the hospital on multiple occasions and I just couldn’t find out the reason. My Doctor had me go for multiple tests, blood tests and ultrasounds. Nothing came up. I finally told her how painful sex was for me and she suggested that I had endometriosis.

I wasn’t ready to accept that, so I went to multiple doctors who told me that this would require a pain management solution. ” I’m sorry – what?!” I said. They said, “Just deal with it?!”.  I refused to do that. I found a Doctor who was caring and took over an hour to explain everything and what would happen during the surgery. I decided to schedule my first surgery with her. My mom, my husband, and I showed up for the surgery and I was in a panic. What if they don’t find anything? Is this all in my head? But this Doctor held my hand all the way until I was asleep and that meant a lot to me.

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I woke up and I just kept asking if they found anything, and they did! so they lasered it off. Everything was cleared! that’s what I thought. About 3 months later I went back to my original doctor because of the pain again. She told me that the first surgery was basically useless and that I needed an extraction surgery. After a mini break down in the doctor’s office, I scheduled my second surgery.

It’s been a while since that surgery, 6 months or so. The pain keeps coming back. After sharing my story on Facebook, quite a few people have approached me for advice on how to advocate for themselves at the doctor’s and what endometriosis is like.

I guess it’s always going to be an uphill battle, I hope we can find a cure for it.

Do you suffer from Endometriosis? Share your thoughts to Raise Awareness!