Endometriosis and The Struggles of Infertility


Did you know that Endometriosis is one of  3 main causes of infertility? Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

Okay so you’ve been trying for a baby for awhile – maybe you’ve just found out you have endometriosis, maybe you’ve known for awhile or maybe you’re just suspecting, I know first hand how heartbreaking it is to see that evil witch show up every month – to see negative test after test, regardless of your cycle being late or getting EVERY textbook pregnancy symptom in the book and it still not being the month.

Firstly, I want to say you’re not alone – infertility affects 1 in 4 couples and a large percentage of that is endometriosis sufferers. I know that by no means aids your heartache, but sometimes feeling even a little less alone makes a small difference.

My story was simple – we tried and tried for over 13 months to fall pregnant, with many hiccups and hospitalizations before my diagnosis and surgery. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with my son the month following surgery and I truly felt so lucky and blessed every moment (even during the vomiting ones!).

I don’t know your story – but I’m guessing its similar, you’re trying or you tried for months or even years, before, during or after your diagnosis, and you’re lost not knowing how to feel or where to look next.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the answers, I can’t tell you when or if you are going to fall pregnant – but I can give you a smidge of hope and support in a time where you probably need it the most.  These are things I wish I had someone to tell me when I was in the struggles of trying to conceive with endometriosis;

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! – No matter what anyone says, or how you feel, you are doing your absolute best with the situation you are in, you are good enough to be a wife/ fiancé/ girlfriend and especially mother, having endo should never take that away from you.

YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! – This statement rings true in my ears every day, I always felt like I was broken, my body couldn’t do what the female body was designed for and it killed me but that is not true! You are not broken! You are a beautiful person who is giving your 100%, your body is perfect in all its flaws and sometimes just needs a little reboot!

YOU DESERVE THE FAMILY YOU WANT! – There are nothing and nobody in this world that should stop you from getting the family you want and deserve. I know that baring children of your own are something that every girl who wants to be a mother dreams of, but looking at every option possible to you before you give up! Laparoscopic Surgery, Clomid, Other fertility medications, IVF, Adoption, Fostering, even Surrogacy are things that could be options to you!

PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP HOPE – I know every month that goes by destroys a little piece of hope in you, I know every month brings a few more tears, tantrums and the feeling of hopelessness! But please let me be a little light of hope for you because I remember when I thought there was none.

Infertility isn’t spoken about often enough or loud enough, it gets whispered behind closed doors and kept hushed from anyone who isn’t going through it themselves. Many people in your life probably don’t and won’t understand and it is something that needs to change.

The struggle is real and ever-present – but I hope it is all worth it in the end for you.

Did you know that Endometriosis is one of  3 main causes of infertility? Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.