Drinking Water As A Way To Stop Migraines


Have you ever tried drinking water to stop a migraine? Did it help? Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer. The most of our stories sound very much alike: suffering from migraines, no life, doctors playing ping pong with me as if I were a ball, whole bunch of painkillers and other meds. Don’t know how but somehow it is comforting to know that there’s somebody who understands your pain, your situation, who doesn’t need you to explain much because he is suffering as much as you do. And it is good to be understood. But I’m both sympathetic and optimistic by nature so will focus on my tips on how to get through.

It might sound as old as the world but still relevant – drink water. We consist of blood vessels all over the body, all our organs are vessels stuffed with something, our breasts are vessels, our guts are vessels. To work properly all our vessels (the whole body in the end) do need to be clean and elastic, in other words – they need water. If you are having chronic headaches there are a lot of chances that other systems also don’t work as they supposed to. Do you move your bowels properly? If your skin and breasts don’t look saggy and if you don’t have permanently dry skin, then your water level is adequate. If not – drink water.

There is even a tip how to cope with a headache – instead of painkiller drink a cup of water, then one more in 20 minutes and one more in 20 minutes again. Another tip – make yourself freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink it at once (remember to drink lemon juice through the straw and no brushing teeth within 10 minutes) and drink water.

Here is a word of truthfulness. You can’t defeat years of water absence and dryness with 1 day of drinking water, or month… To turn your years back it will probably take longer, but the sooner you begin the better. Benefits are amazing – better bathroom habits, skin less dry and firmer, fewer headaches. Have you ever noticed how we lose health? We lose it in one day. Our systems may be working their utmost for a while and we don’t notice anything, but one day our body has last drop of abuse – and something brakes down. All the sudden we begin having headaches or knee pain or even have the eyesight noticeably worsened. The good news is – your health will return in one day. For example, you drink water faithfully but don’t notice any changes – because your body needs to refill its reservoirs. As soon as it gets what is necessary – all the sudden your headaches will stop.

Check out the measurements on your level of water consumption. Well, those are your daily necessities just for functioning and everyday activities. If you would like to “refill” something or “repair” – your body needs more water. I will tell more about water drinking rules and other tips in my next story.

Try this! The solution is cheap and easy to get, it is natural to our bodies and it works. Just a little work on your habits.

Have you ever tried drinking water to stop a migraine? Did it help?

Take a Read, Comment on the Blog to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

Source: CureUp