Disabled? Not me!


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ofcI’m a 41-year old Civil Engineer, mother of 3 and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013. I worked hard to keep my job (which I loved and miss to pieces), but the condition progressed rapidly and my contract was canceled, after 9 years of service. A few years ago, my rheumatologist at the moment, told me that, I had to prepare myself for disability. I thought he was crazy and changed to another rheumatologist. I was in denial that, because of my health issues my career path was coming to an end.

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I started reading a lot to understand fibromyalgia and its horrible symptoms.

Through the last 5 years, I have tried everything out there, searched for a treatment that would allow me to stay functional. However, the last 2 years had been terrible. Sleeping disorders (I’m also diagnosed with sleep apnea), mental fog, depression, anxiety and generalised pain were just present 24/7.

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It is a big deal to come to acceptance of disability at the age of 42. I have worked since I was 15 years old. I embraced so many goals to achieve, so many paths to follow. But, I’m now, disabled, my time is distributed between doctors’ appointments, my bed, and my couch. Although, I’m still searching and trying other treatments, hoping to bring back the old me. I hope that, the pain-free days will come more and more often, and that the moment will come when I will scream to the world… Disabled? NOT ME!

What kind of symptoms do you have? Show your support by Sharing the Blog!