Diapers for Migraine Headaches


Have you tried this method for relieving migraine headaches? Take a read and leave a Comment on the Blog to let us know if it worked!

After years of suffering from painful, sometimes lingering, migraine headaches, I found several medications that actually work to lessen the brutality of the episodes. However, being a mom of four, I had to find an available resource to utilize for my own treatment at that point.

I found that by heating a clean, new disposable diaper and placing them on my head actually works best to reduce the pain and suffering. They retain heat very well for short periods of time and can be reheated as necessary. Now, I always keep disposable diapers in my house just for this purpose. Sure, I may look a little silly with a diaper on my head but when your head is a 10 on the pain scale…you simply don’t care. The results are tried and true!

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The easiest way I have discovered to relieve migraine headaches is to heat disposable diapers in the microwave, which I’m sure is not recommended. If you know your microwave’s intensity and wattage, then you can successfully use this method.

First, gently dampen the disposable diaper with tap water then place the inside of the diaper face up in the microwave and heat it on high for about 15 seconds.

****Warning and caution!!! You can get the diaper TOO HOT! So, be careful to only heat in small increments at a time!

Bring it to a very “warm”, comfortable temperature. Upon taking it out, place it on your forehead and above your eyes.

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The gentle release of heat alleviates the awful “piercing” and “pinching” sensations. The heat release will typically last for about 10-15 minutes. If necessary, I reheat the diaper.

Have you tried this method for relieving migraine headaches? Take a read and leave a Comment on the Blog to let us know if it worked!