I got Diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 5 years old

5 years

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I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 5-years old.

I am now 20 and my diaversary is 2.16.03. I have 0 complications and my a1c is great. Having type 1 diabetes won’t get me down.

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All of my family cried and cried and cried when we got my diagnosis of diabetes we all went and rushed to the hospital crying not knowing what diabetes even was.

I have a four-month-old son so I’m glad I know what diabetes is and what the symptoms are. I am very scared that he will get it because I have but nobody else in my family has it.

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It is crazy having a baby and diabetes I have zero time for myself the pregnancy went OK until the end. I’m glad diabetes has come this far. It seems to have gotten way better and I’m glad because I don’t know if I’d be like other diabetes patients.

The thing I am most grateful for is that I came along way from getting the diagnose to now.

When were you Diagnosed? Share to show your Support!