Diabetes – A Wake-Up Call for Changing Eating Habits


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I have been overweight for many years. A few months ago, my doctor ordered a glucose meter. My first reading was 271 (with 100 being high). This was a wake-up call for me. I immediately gave up soda, which has been difficult since I have been drinking it excessively and obsessively for over 20 years. I only have an occasional dessert. It really hit me that this condition could kill me, or at the very least make it difficult for me to enjoy time with my family.

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My wife responded with horror to my diagnosis as well. She has been good about keeping me on track. She even joined me in changing her habits so as not to make things harder for me. We tended to negatively influence each other when it comes to food and beverage choices. My two children have been supportive as well. They do not ask for ice cream very often, knowing that I will likely decline it (and well should decline it). They do not want to make me feel bad, watching them enjoy ice cream while I can not have it.

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What motivates me every day? The thought of leaving my family behind, imagining their suffering because I am dead and gone, helps me make better choices. None of us are able to guarantee we will live to see tomorrow, but the thought of my choices making my death more likely is jarring.

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Raise Awareness!