Diabetes Changed My Life


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I was diagnosed with diabetes Type 2 ten years ago, in 2008. Even though I am not sure, chances are I’ve had it longer than that. Ever since I was diagnosed, I started taking pills daily. I am now taking 9 pills every day and two injections of insulin two different types. I noticed that lately, my feet start feeling as if I was walked through mud and it caked-on between my toes.

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When I had my pedicures done, my feet were extremely sensitive to the touch to where the tickling sensation got almost painful. I knew that something was wrong, I just couldn’t put a figure on it. Granted I am overweight and that was probably the reason why my diabetes developed. Knowing that this is the way to help myself, my goal is to lose weight so hopefully, my diabetes will diminish. I am hoping that it may even completely go away.

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I’m a single grandmother, retired after working very hard for 40 years. I am very independent and I try to stay positive about this illness. There are times when I allow myself to be tired and unmotivated, and at times I use it as a reason to be stronger and more active. Until I finally get improve my condition and get my diabetes under control, I will continue to take my medication and my injections and get through all the struggles one day at a time.

When were you diagnosed with diabetes? Show your support by Sharing the Blog!