Dealing with OCD


How do you deal with OCD? Share your thoughts in the comments!

I am fifty-four years old. I have been living with OCD since I was about 20 years old and my main problem is driving. I went to a clinic in Philadelphia in the early 90s. They helped me for while with my driving problem but now I’m having a lot of these problems again. I can’t afford to seek help and OCD has cost me my marriage after 23 years because my wife couldn’t deal with it anymore. I also have a 28-year-old son who has it too.

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I always have uncontrollable, recurring thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions) which is giving me the urge to repeat over and over again while driving. None of my family members believed that I have OCD and there is no way to prove it. The only thing that motivates me through the day is my 10-year old Grandson and my granddaughters.

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I differ from other people in my behavior as I have repetitive movements, ritualistic behavior, social isolation or persistent repetition of words or actions. While my mood is always either anxious, apprehensive, feeling guilty or having a panic attack. I either feel depressed, scared or overcritical. The most irritating thing is driving because I am always scared of having an accident and I repeatedly check on my loved ones to make sure they’re safe.

How do you deal with OCD? Share your thoughts in the comments!