This is How I Deal With My Migraines


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For my survival guide, I’ve been taking rizatriptan 10mg tablet once if I have a migraine I rarely take two. I also use a migraine stick which you can find on Amazon with natural ingredients it’s a rub on a stick with peppermint oil. I rub it on my forehead and temples sometimes on my neck. I use this instead of icy hot because I’m allergic to icy hot sticks so for me this was a better alternative. On top of those I take a hot shower and put my feet in hot water it helps a lot with the pain I noticed. For me I’ve tried plenty of meds and diet changes, nothing helped till I finally got prescribed rizatriptan (Maxalt).

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My wish list would be one of those migraine caps to see if they actually helped. To be honest, if there was a magical thing to just get rid of migraines completely that’d be amazing maybe in the future there will be could hope.

I’ve read about how most people with migraines have autoimmune disorders. I’m very curious if this is true In a Facebook group I’m in there is quite a few. I’ve never been tested for one but I’d love to know if I possibly have one. I would also love to know how it can connect together and why.

When I was 6 I started getting migraines and I felt different and kids would pick on me because I missed so much school they’d say I was faking it and just crying in class to be dramatic.

Got to high school and they were worse. I started birth control and they went away for some time then for some reason my body just decided “hey we are going to start having them again” and within the last year, I’ve gotten them so bad it’s crazy.

Birth control isn’t helping, I’ve had to switch many pills and it’s still just like I’m banging my head on a wall. Being 20 and having my migraines worries me for me having kids in the future I’ve heard it could be genetic and I don’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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Migraines are difficult to cope with because of how painful and how long they can last and sadly there are times nothing can fix them.

All I can say to people with migraines is find something that makes you happy rather it’s someone, a pet, hobby, music, whatever it may be and just think of it the whole time and I have hope they will get better.

My family has people who have them and completely understand then there’s those who’ve never had one and think it’s bull crud. So for people with those who feel like no one believes you I believe you it’s not fun it’s hell and just know one day they will get better it’s possible to not have these all the time.

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Thank you for reading this and to all, I hope you have pain free days ahead 🙂

Do you know your migraine triggers? What do you do when you have a migraine? Show your support by Commenting!