Daith Piercing Stopped My Migraines


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For years I suffered from horrible migraines.

These horrible migraines were so bad that I would actually vomit every single time I got them and they would usually last somewhere around 2-3 days.

The migraines would come around once or twice a month usually. I decided to get my daith pierced and have not had a single migraine in over 7 years!

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The daith is a part of the ear that is supposed to relieve pressure when pierced. Originally I got my daith pierced because I thought it looked cool.

I was 16 and wasn’t allowed to get my bellybutton pierced like I wanted to. So I talked my mom into signing off on a simple ear piercing. At first, I did not even realize that my migraines had subsided.

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It wasn’t until my mom asked me when my last migraine was that I realized they had stopped completely. I did a little research and found that a few people had tried it to relieve migraines and it helped.

Now, you can find all kinds of articles all over the place about how the daith piercing has helped so many people!

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