Crohn’s Disease Almost Took My Life


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I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease for about 9 years. But, my doctors seem to think it had been way before then.

When I was finally diagnosed I was relieved that someone finally listened to me. I was losing weight, looking like a zombie, hurting all the time, wishing death was on its way already.

It was difficult having this condition, living with it and it felt like I was all by myself. Every time I tried sharing my story, it seemed like no one would listen. No one did anything. They didn’t believe me.

I was tired of no one ever believing me. I was living this horrid life myself. From the food I ate would make my stomach and back hurt forever. And I couldn’t poop normal and threw up.

It almost killed me, but I kept going. I wanted to quit living at times just for the pain. I finally met a doctor that cared enough to help. I ended up having emergency exploratory surgery.

Had an ileostomy because it all was bad. I hated it, but I’m way more happy about it than sad. Crohn’s almost took my life away. But I fought back and I’m not giving up too quick or without a fight.

What were your first symptoms? Show your support by Commenting!