Coping Diabetes Type 1 Complications


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Dealing with all the symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 at an age where everyone says, “You’re too Young for what you are going through” is so hard.

I am the youngest 70-year old patient, I have been told that by two different doctors. I have been jolted back to life, I don’t know how many times. You name it, I either dealt with it or lived with it. In August 2006, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, all the medications I was prescribed were not working. After 2-3 months I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.

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The Journey of diabetes starts will chronic pancreatitis, which almost killed me many times. hit me with ketoacidosis a few times. After 3 years I finally got it under control, or that’s what we thought. Then, I had to have foot surgery, also I had to go on dialysis for the second time.

At this time my emotions were getting worse. My doctor tells me I’m biopower. Well, now more medications are added to what I already take. I take up to 18 pills in the morning, and 32 pills at bedtime. I can say that I’m a walking pharmacy!

I’m also on insulin 3-4 times a day. Currently, I am not coping with everything very well but trying to stay positive for my 3 kids, while I’m emotional and not feeling good, because I am always hurting.  I was diagnosed with chronic pain. Then, a month later I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia! What’s next?!

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A year later I was diagnosed with COPD, and they told me that I have many eye problems. This means that I was diagnosed with early stages of neuropathy. Stage one starts with tingling numbness, which I already have in my feet. Stage 3 happens after 3-4 years, it progresses very fast, and they say that this is because I am not taking care of myself, actually I wasn’t doing so, as I had started to give up. I used to run, jump and play sports.

I have been through hell and back for 39 years. Now I can barely walk or hold things. I always have infections. No one comes to see me. I have truly become the burden that I swore I would never be. All of that because I have given up and didn’t cope with my disease when I had the chance to.

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I’m no longer me. I used to have plans, but my everyday plan now is to make it to the next day. my Biopower and depression basically run my life. My life now is crazy, but it’s mine. I would have never wished this to anyone, no matter what.

Learn to cope, learn to talk about it. Research everything. Trust me, it will help! I’m still here because I have done that, and I have asked questions. I can only say try to live life, don’t let it live you!

How did you feel when you found out you have diabetes? Show your Support by Sharing the Blog!