Rosacea is a chronic skin disease which affects the face, causing facial redness. According to medical research, the symptoms of Rosacea include abnormalities in blood vessels and red patches or spots on the skin. It is a non-contagious skin disease and can last for many years. Moreover, it can also evolve into a rash, spidery red veins with pustules (yellow and red pimples). However, sometimes the symptoms can be controlled in the early stages which can benefit the patient for a certain period of time.

The exact causes of Rosacea are still unknown and some types may run from generation to generation. Rosacea is not like acne because sebum oil in the skin does not cause Rosacea. Rosacea can also be triggered by an abnormal inflammatory reaction, sun damage of the connective tissue, and issues in the blood vessels in the skin.

Rosacea generally affects those at the age of 30 and above and can cause irritation in the eyes if it affects the eyes or eyelids. Infection around the corneas and eyelids can lead to dryness in the eyes which is very painful. Rosacea treatment is highly sought after and the most common question is: “Can Rosacea go away on its own?”

Rosacea cannot be totally cured but symptoms can be reduced with proper care and maintenance. It’s possible to control the symptoms only if treatment is started right away and the disease is in its early stage. It is highly recommended to avoid smoking, junk food, and alcohol.

As far as supplements for healthy skin is concerned, fish oil contains Vitamin D and B-complex which is very good for skin. It is also recommended to drink four to eight glasses of water daily. Moreover, to protect the skin from getting sun burns use a good sunscreen with high SPF and consult a dermatologist for professional advice related to skin.

Rosacea is a harmless disease but it can have an emotional effect due to embarrassment over facial redness and lack of understanding about Rosacea from others. Therefore, it is important to try different options to figure out which one is the best and most effective one for you.