Can Losing Weight Get Rid of Fibromyalgia?


Some have wondered if they lost a bit of weight, if that would get rid of their fibromyalgia. Others have been told that they should lose weight if they want to get rid of their fibro. And there are those that cannot lose any more weight so assume that losing weight simply is a lie.

‘The link between obesity and pain is strong’ says Akikio Okifjui, PhD who is a researcher at the University of Utah in Pain Management. He goes on to say that obesity and the severity of pain go hand in hand together.

The more that someone weighs, the more pain they will feel from their symptoms. Those that find themselves categorized as ‘overweight’ will probably feel about 20% more pain than their counterparts.

One of the reasons why, those that are overweight feel more pain is because the joints are more likely to be overloaded. More weight equals more pressure on the joints affected by that weight. Your feet, knee’s, and parts of your body might get more pressure on them because of this weight.

Okifjui goes on to say that the cells found in fat tissue are chemically active, and this causes them to release proteins and other chemicals that cause inflammation throughout the body.

Losing weight might not necessarily cause your Fibromyalgia to go away it seems. However, it stands to reason that losing the weight might decrease your pain levels by as much as 20%.