Building A Crohn’s Disease Diet Plan


In case you are suffering from Crohn’s disease, you might have probably found that certain types of food helps in triggering your intestinal symptoms especially during times of the flares. Learning all the ways to avoid these food triggers might allow you to better manage your disease, reduce all your gastrointestinal symptoms while further promote your intestinal health. Before proceeding further with this blog, let us know what this disease is and what can be included in Crohn’s disease diet plan.

What Is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s disease is a type of IBD or inflammatory bowel disease which is usually involved in creating an immune reaction against the intestinal tract. This disease is known to inflame parts of the small intestine further causing belly pain or even diarrhea. Patients suffering from the disease might have less appetite, and the inflammation in the tract makes it a lot harder for the human body to absorb nutrients from the food. Furthermore, it can be a lot harder to get nutrients and maintain a proper healthy body weight especially if you are suffering from this disease.

What Is Meant By Crohn’s Disease Diet Plan?

You might have already studied several types of diet plans for Crohn’s disease. But in actuality, there isn’t any scientifically proven diet for this sort of IBD. According to most of the experts, most of the patients can try identifying some typical types of food that trigger these gastrointestinal problems, especially during the time of these disease flares. In case you face issues while absorbing nutrients due to Crohn’s, you need to follow a high calorie, and high protein meal even if you don’t feel like eating. In addition to all these, you might also need to take doctor recommended minerals and vitamin supplements in order to replenish all the necessary nutrients needed in your body.

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Types Of Food That Must Be Avoided:

All the types of food that trigger symptoms might differ from one person to another. Most of the people suffering from Crohn’s find that one or more food in the below list aggravates symptoms during the disease flares. Here is a list of some of the food and beverage types that must be avoided at any cost.

  1. Fatty or fried foods.
  2. Carbonated beverages.
  3. Alcohol.
  4. Tea, coffee, or chocolates.
  5. Butter, margarine, oils, and mayonnaise.
  6. Fiber-rich foods.
  7. Dairy products.
  8. Corn.
  9. Bran and whole grains.
  10. Pork or red meat.
  11. Raw fruits.
  12. Foods producing gas such as beans, cabbage, lentils, onions, broccoli etc.
  13. Spicy foods.
  14. Nuts or seeds.
  15. Raw vegetables.

Once you have identified all the foods that cause your symptoms to flare, you can try either to avoid them completely or develop new ways to prepare that can make these foods tolerable.

Remember health habits such as the inclusion of a nutritious diet and regular exercise can help you feel a lot better while lowering your chance of getting flares. This can be of real help in order to get better results from your treatment. Try taking all your medications as directed and limit your habit of smoking or drinking alcohol. Always let your doctor know about any new or changing symptoms.