Breaking News: Jell-O found to have a Huge Impact on Joints


Did you know that one of the ingredients of Jello-O is Gelatin? This is important to note because Gelatin is actually what happens when you cook Collagen.

As it stands, Collagen is really great for your joints. Collagen comes in part from fish, cattle, pig, and even chicken bones.

Collagen is a huge part of the connective tissue in the body. It can be found in the skin, muscles, and tendons in the body. Having more of it can only help. In fact there are several diseases that happen when you have too little collagen in the body, Scurvy. That’s right, the old pirate disease is caused in part by lack of collagen.

A clinical trial was conducted that tested out the effects of collagen over a year-long period. It divided participants into two groups, placebo, and collagen. Those who only took the placebo showed signs of cartilage loss while those that took collagen did not.

This trial is only the beginning and more testing is going to be needed before coming to any solid conclusion. So far though, the evidence is looking promising.