Brannon – A Small Fighter With Type 1 Diabetes


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Brannon was 22 months old. He had two older brothers and his parents just found out they were expecting their fourth child. Christmas and New Year just passed, along with lots of germs. Daddy was sick with the flu. Then Brannon started acting sick. First, he started wetting his diapers often and all he wanted to drink was apple juice and got really tired. Then, mommy and daddy noticed that his collarbone and spine were starting to stick out, a lot! Next, he started throwing up.

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Mommy emailed the doctor explaining all of those things and the doctor said to bring him to the hospital immediately. That didn’t sound good. Mommy and Brannon got in the car and drove from Provo to the University of Utah hospital, where his doctor was. They got in the room and the doctor put a little baggy in Brannon’s diaper, left it for a couple of minutes, came back, took the sample, left for a few seconds, came back and said, “the emergency room is waiting for you, run him there, now.”

Well, with mommy’s growing tummy and Brannon on the verge of a coma and very low weight, it was a very emotional time. They ran across the bridge that connected the hospital to the children’s hospital and finally got to the ER. They rushed Brannon back, started testing things and hooking him up to IVs, and here came another doctor who worryingly said something about diabetic ketoacidosis and early onset diabetes.

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Mommy had no clue what was being said but called daddy to tell him to come up, immediately. Finally, daddy got there. They were taken up to a room and told that Brannon’s blood glucose level was above 1100. Normally, it was supposed to be fewer than 100, so that meant that Brannon had Type 1 Diabetes. We all had to stay in the hospital for 3 days to learn how to take care of Brannon. This was a disease that none of them knew anything about.

Now they are 5 years in, Brannon is now a healthy (almost) 7-year-old boy who has 2 amazing big brothers and a sweet little sister who all try to take good care of this tough little guy!

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